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Swiss Solar Tech Ltd.


About Us

Want to reduce your Carbon Foot Print and cut your utility bills to almost nothing? Or Work your way to NET ZERO home? Solar Power is your answer. Solar Energy, especially in the Sunny Okanagan, is the most abundant renewable energy source available to us! Solar Power has become much more affordable over the last 4 years. The Payback time for such a system, depending on the dwelling’s location, is about 9-12 years. After that you are pocketing your savings as well as adding to your home’s value.

A Grid Tied System means that the installed solar system is connected to the Utility Grid. So that during the Sunny Summer months you are ''storing'' any excess electricity from your solar array with the Utility Grid, then in the darker months of Winter the Utility company will credit you back the surplus you had from Summer. Outside of City limits you can even install a Pole Mounted Solar Array which can be seasonably adjustable with manual angle adjustments. By having us come on site we can see exactly what your needs are, what the possibilities are, and how we can best install the Solar PV system for you.

There are no hidden costs when you receive a Proposal from us. We do our best to have the most competitive pricing and to guarantee you excellent Swiss service with a personal touch! NEW Microinverters are coming out soon: will have the ability to go Off-Grid so you can use Solar as Your Power Back Up and The APsystems microinverter solution offers intelligent monitoring through the integrated APsystems Energy Monitoring Unit (EMA & ECU) & Analysis software.

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