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Summit Overland Ltd

Summit Overland Ltd

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About Us

There is no time like the present to make your life what you want it to be. Would you rather spend the rest of your life thinking of how life could have been different if you had taken that opportunity or would you rather look back at pictures thinking of the great experience you had with the ones you loved.

We are helping bridge the gap to get families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder into the outdoors safely. Our son Devin was formally diagnosed in 2017, we have always found being in nature very therapeutic for him. Our journey to help other families with children diagnosed with Autism is to give back to the community and empower through sharing our knowledge and tag along trips.

Summit Overland is the documentary series following our family of four on a journey that we have left in the hands of fate.

How is it in the hands of fate, aren’t you just going on a road trip?

This is so much more than a road trip.

We are leaving the itinerary to something that will not only keep us on our toes, but keep you guessing. We aren’t planning ahead, there is not detailed list of where we will be on this date. Where we will end up next is anyone’s guess.


  • Getting families into the outdoors safely
  • Making offroad adventures inclusive not exclusive
  • Showcasing local destinations and businesses
  • Encouraging Canadian families to create their own adventures


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