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Roland Construction (Okanagan)

About Us

Roland Construction was established in October 2019. We are engaged in new construction and renovation of residential and commercial projects in various cities in British Columbia. We are good at Framing, cabinet installation and interior finishing. There are a total team of 16 people from Canada, China, India, Mexico and other countries. We have done interior finishing for 13 townhouses in Richmond, structural engineering for fencing halls, Single House Framing in Burnaby, and luxury house framing in North Vancouver, etc. We are headquartered in Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, and have an independent showroom in Vernon. The address is 3314 30th Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 2C3. We mainly display cabinets, coutertops, floors and other building materials.

In Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver and North Vancouver, Mike, a native of Western Canada, is our responsible framing superintendent with more than 30 years of experience. Under his leadership, we have been doing projects in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver and North Vancouver for four years, and have completed the Foundation Form and Framing of Single House, Laneway and Townhouse completed in cooperation with other teams.

We have a team of 3-4 people specializing in Interior Finishing. The foreman graduated from BCIT has more than 10 years of experience in making lines and floors. He is familiar with the installation of various building materials in Canada. He also worked at Canadian Local Doors and Windows Company for 5 years. With the above installation experience, we also have experience in the installation of prefabricated and customized cabinets; our Chinese designers are also proficient in AutoCAD, graduated from Canadian design schools, and have a good understanding of interior design and popular styles.

After establishing a foothold in the Greater Vancouver area, because we are optimistic about the development prospects of the Okanagan, we established the Vernon branch.