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Supporting local is an investment in Vernon

VERNON – North Okanagan residents continue to play a significant role when it comes to the region not only surviving the pandemic but thriving economically.

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce is reminding residents to be strategic with their purchasing power and to support local retailers, suppliers and restaurants.

“Vote Vernon is as relevant now as it was when we launched the campaign in November,” said Dan Proulx, Greater Vernon Chamber general manager.

“Looking at things from a different a different angle, if we purposefully wanted the community to go through an economic downturn, the first thing we would do is start spending our money elsewhere. The good news is that people get it and awareness is growing about the economic and social benefits of shopping local as many retailers saw an overwhelming amount of support from the community over the holidays.”

As an example, one retailer indicated they were underprepared for how busy they were prior to Christmas.

“But we can’t take our foot off the gas. Every time you shop local, you are casting a vote for a healthy and vibrant community – employment opportunities for your family and friends, enhanced community infrastructure and vital non-profit services. It is the gift that keeps on giving,” said Proulx.

Consumers can rally behind local businesses in-person, via delivery or, increasingly, online.

“We know that the pandemic and evolving regulations create ongoing hurdles for businesses, but we are inspired by how entrepreneurs have been innovative, professional and compassionate to their employees and customers,” said Proulx.

Vote Vernon is sponsored by VantageOne Credit Union, which began in Vernon in 1944.
More information on Vote Vernon can be found at and a full directory of Chamber members can be found at
Dan Proulx, General Manager   
Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce
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