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Virgin Hickman


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About Us

We specialize in family law, personal injury, estate litigation, commercial litigation, occupiers' liability, product liability, insurance defence, and civil litigation & appeals. In everything that we do, we are tireless advocates for our clients, and advance their interests with unyielding determination.

We don’t rest until we’ve achieved the best possible outcome for our clients. This can mean facilitating a successful dispute resolution or defending a case through to a verdict in court. We adopt a personal approach to representation, taking the time to understand the full details of our clients’ case and their ideal resolution. While we don’t go looking for a fight, we are committed to safeguarding our clients’ interests right through to the end. Our experience in court gives us the edge on our competitors, and we’ve been known to strike a note of dread into the opposing bench.

We are well-known for our unflagging work ethic and tactical proficiency. Our litigators are practiced, driven, and armed with the most advanced legal strategies. Our dedicated research department ensures that we stay on top of emerging legal trends and recent judgments.

At Virgin Hickman, we understand that litigation is often a zero-sum game: one winner, one loser. Our team has the experience and skill to secure successful outcomes for our clients.