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The Conflict Coach

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Business Teams are comprised of members who often have very different points of view. This leads to dissension in the ranks and getting to any decision feeling like pushing a boulder up hill. As the leader, you need the clarity and commitment to get behind an engaging vision and bring home amazing results. But it your team spends more time arguing for position than making key decisions and moving forward, the entire organization suffers and so does the bottom line.

''Aly’s experience and perspective was integral in making sure we achieved the right balance of material in the agenda to keep a high level of engagement focused on the desired outcomes. Her style and energy resonated well with the group and … she maintained engagement and enthusiasm. In the months since [our retreat], we have successfully built upon the foundation established in Miami and held collaborative meetings on projects that have led to significant improvements in design and improved capital efficiency.''
- Joe Kuhach – Ivanhoe Energy, Calgary, AB

Prior to becoming a coach, Aly spent a decade immersed in personal development programs as a participant, assistant and facilitator candidate, learning the nuances of effective communication, personality styles and the critical elements of powerful leadership.

Along with 15 years of training and facilitating groups on hard and soft skills, Aly took her career to the next level through coaching with CTI (Coaches Training Institute). She went on to become certified (one of the first 70 people globally) in Organizational Team and Relationship Systems Coaching. Aly is currently pursuing her certification in Conversational Intelligence to support clients dealing with conflict to move from power and positioning to collaboration solutions.

She brings her experience being the wife of a 3-time Olympian and silver medalist, Jeff Pain, and living on the inside of a high-performance team, to the boardroom. Aly truly understands what it takes to reach your podium!

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