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Bespoke Health & Wellness on 29th Street

Bespoke Health & Wellness on 29th Street


About Us

Are you lonely in your relationship? Are you struggling to rekindle the love you once had? Maybe you are trying to unite two families or co-parent after separation? Did the dream of life after the kids left home leave you wondering what's next? Has there been a betrayal that has broken the trust you both had? Has the spark that once lit up your life dimmed or burned out? If you are ready to do the work, I am here to walk with you on your journey to reconnect.
Having been trained to Level 3 in the Gottman Method of Clinical Counselling, I am proud to incorporate Dr Gottman's research into my practice. At Acton Bespoke Counselling, I can offer hope in the darkest of times. Pre- Marriage Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Discernment Counselling, Family Counselling and Blended Family Counselling is my specialty.
I will walk with you on this journey of reconnection which focuses on moving away from the negative behaviour patterns that are getting in the way of your love story through rebuilding friendship, trust & commitment, I am ready to walk you through the Sound Relationship House