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About Us

The BCFGA vision is a Prosperous, Sustainable, Innovative Tree Fruit Sector in BC
that grows products that improve health. The BCFGA Mission is to ensure a prosperous, financially sustainable and innovative industry through:
- Representing Growers on Trade, Tax, and Regulations
at the Regional, Provincial and Federal Levels of Government
- Delivering and Developing Programs that Provide a Benefit for the Tree Fruit Industry
- Promoting Horticultural Knowledge
- Participating in the Design of Risk Management Programs
- Supporting Research and Development in the Tree Fruit Sector
- Establishing Direction for Environmental Farm Plan, Food Safety and Social License Programs
- Developing Area-Wide Programs to Protect Trees and Crops from Pests
- Promoting Marketplace Adaptation through the Adoption of New Varieties of Tree Fruit and New Horticultural Practices
-Alliances with Other Commodity Organizations

We are also proud to be part of the Vernon Chamber of Commerce and work together on our mutual interests.


Project Manager
Category: Administrative, Support & Clerical
Project Manager BC Fruit Growers’ Association Position Description The Project Manager is responsible for 1. Tracking project application deadlines for interest such as AgriMarketing, AgriInnovation, and Tree Fruit Competitiveness Programs. 2. Monitoring eligibility requirements and assessing potential 3. projects with respect to the program. 4. Preparation of project funding applications, in more
Communications & Governance Coordinator
Category: Marketing
Communications and Governance Coordinator BC Fruit Growers’ Association Position Description The Communications and Governance Coordinator is responsible for 1. Governance - organizing and attending committee and director meetings, minutes; automated per diems, maintaining committee terms of reference and member lists, etc.. (40%) 2. Corp Secretary - ensuring records are up to date and making more