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Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services


Funeral & Cremation Services

About Us

''Dealing with a terminal illness; the death of someone close or even preplanning your own final arrangements is not always easy. Such questions as where do I go? or what do I do now? must be answered. Today, with the high cost of death care services in this area, inadequate information can result in a severe financial burden for a family. Since 1992, Alternatives® has significantly changed the face of the funeral business locally and has made making final arrangements easy… both emotionally and financially.

What was needed is a more common-sense approach to funeral arrangements - one that demystifies the business, spells out options in a factual way, reduces the costs, and alleviates purchasing pressure by giving the family a real sense of control over decision making. And, that’s what Alternatives® does.

So, when you’re faced with the death of someone close to you, making the final arrangements should not add to your distress. And, that’s why you need to think twice before assuming the traditional way is the only way. You do have “alternatives” and you should certainly make informed decisions.

Alternatives® is also proud to be locally owned and operated by members of the Vernon and North Okanagan community.''